Our Jersey cows are sisters: Maybell and Maple who were born and raised in Colorado.  Each are registered A2A2, both producing rich, creamy, high fat content milk.  Free to roam 35 acres, the herd grazes on native pasture while routinely supplemented with alfalfa hay during the winter months.

Each milking cow is regularly tested to ensure a high standard of clean milking practices and safety of our milk. Minimally, raw milk panels are submitted to a local microbiology lab on a monthly basis. If you would like to know more about our regular testing, please feel free to ask. 

Our milk is bottled in half-gallon jars for ease of handling. We date each jar upon bottling, so you know exactly when your milk was produced and how long to expect it to last. Typically, our milk will stay fresh between 10-14 days when handled properly and kept cold.