Herd-share Membership

A one-time fee of $20 is required to become a herd-share member by purchasing an interest in the Three Bells Dairy cow herd. This fee assists with our daily operating costs, managing the farm, and maintaining healthy cows. The half share member fee is $10.

boarding fees

Due to the selling of raw milk being illegal in Colorado, we never sell milk. The shareholder is responsible for a boarding fee in order to board their share of the cow and for Three Bells Dairy to provide the milking service for the shareholder. The boarding fee is based on how much milk you are receiving per week.

Bottling Deposit

A one-time fee of $5 per share is required.  We kindly ask members to return their empty, cleaned bottles at the time of their next pick-up.


We ask members to provide payments every 4 weeks via cash or check. Multiple-month installments are accepted. At time of initial payment, members will receive the following:

  • Boarding Contract - binding agreement between Three Bells Dairy and the shareholder outlining the farm's commitment to responsible practices and the shareholder's responsibility to make monthly boarding payments.


To pick-up your share, simply let us know what day of the week works best with your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate.  This is typically established at time of membership. Each member is responsible for picking up their share on the day of the week they select. We understand schedules change, if you are not able to pick up, please provide reasonable notice and we are generally able to adjust. If members miss their pick up day without notice, they are responsible for picking up their share within 24 hours or the milk will be forfeited.